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We use Graphic Coaching to guide your organisation through visionary visual landscapes. We have developed a unique methodology and workflow that solves complex problems and highlights your wants and needs. Through our creative workshops we allow opportunities to arise by highlighting innovation, strategies and areas of potential growth. Creativity and clarity is our signature key.

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Our Team

Meet the award winning Visual Wizard Mille Carrasco and our team of specialists. We specialise in branding, storytelling and development and have the mindset and experience to combine business with art. Together we form a team of experts that will leave no stone in your company’s development unturned!

Sr. Graphic Coach

Mille Carrasco

Sr. Graphic Coach
Branding Specialist

Philip Laurell

Branding Specialist
Business Developer

Evald Roos

Business Developer
Project Manager

Vladimir Carrasco

Project Manager


Micael Dahlen
Tega Industries


“Mille summarizes it fantastically and creates entire worlds of my ideas, his work with my last performance was the icing on the cake”

Micael Dahlen Lector & Economy Professor Svenska Handels Högskolan
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Work #


Roadmap, Graphic Recording, Storytelling, Statistics, Enviroment, Sustainability, Transformmation, Challenges, Recomendations


Partner Program, Organisation, Evaluation, Implementation, Relation, Timeline


Graphic Coach, Situational Picture, Vision Picture, Strategy, Guideline 

3D+VR Experience

3D Statistics, Future, High-Tech, New Opportunities, No Limits, Mind-blowing, Learning, New Business